Strategic Plan

I. WSSRA will improve the general welfare of our members/communities by the actions of our organization.

Gather information to determine the needs of the membership. Identify and distribute appropriate information to members.

II. WSSRA will protect and improve our health benefits and pension system .

Interact with and educate our legislators. Initiate and advocate legislation. Provide information on the website and legislative hotline on important legislative issues.

III. WSSRA will provide social and individual opportunities for growth.

Promote social activities. Recognize the achievements of our members. Promote programs that foster individual growth.

IV. WSSRA will increase effectiveness as a professional association by increasing membership and collaborative activities.

Strengthen membership by recruiting active members. Challenge each member to be a recruiter. Identify and train a cadre to assist units in recruiting.

V. WSSRA will improve communication with its membership and the general public.

Expand WSSRA news bureau. Encourage publication and exchange of local newsletters. Enhance The Journal. Upgrade our web site. Promote and utilize the WSSRA website. Ensure timeliness of website information. Constantly re-evaluate content and format of The Journal. Expand circulation of the Legislative Insight . Investigate the use of electronic media communication. Publish The Journal six times annually.

VI. WSSRA will initiate and support leadership activities and training.

Sponsor leadership training. Urge local units to fill all local offices. Encourage and train leadership at all levels.

VII. WSSRA will show our support for public education.

Disseminate information and support levies. Provide scholarships and grants to active and future school employees. Encourage our members to volunteer. Take a more active role in state and local educational issues.

VIII. WSSRA will be a fiscally responsible organization.

Examine annually the WSSRA structure and programs to ensure organizational and membership needs are being met. Conduct association business in an efficient and accountable manner.


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