All across Washington there’s a local unit for you!
Dues for current year July 1 – June 30
If you are still employed, your school district will facilitate your membership by providing you with automatic payroll deduction of $7 per month. Please print out 2 copies (1 for payroll and 1 to mail to WSSRA) or contact Michele Hunter at 360-413-5496 ext 116 or email to: for a membership form.

If you are a retired school employee, please see the membership form below. ADD (Automatic Dues Deduction) is the simplest, most convenient way of maintaining your membership. Indicate your unit choice and circle your retirement plan. The Washington State Department of Retirement Systems will deduct $7 a month from your pension.



Members = Dues = Money = Power = Change
If you would prefer to pay your dues in cash, please enclose a check made out to WSSRA in the amount of $84. You will receive a reminder annually.
Mail or FAX your form to:
Washington State School Retirees’ Association 

4726 Pacific Avenue SE

Lacey, WA 98503

Fax: 360 413 5497

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