Break Out Sessions




10 AM to NOON

Unit Presidents, please share this information with attendees who need to select a training session.

Each person should be clear about the session s/he is asked to attend and it needs to be marked on the registration form.

Membership – Like spokes in a wheel, each Unit member is a part of a successful membership campaign. Planning and implementing a Unit membership campaign, plus how to keep members and return “fade away” members to membership.  Some time will also be spent on understanding WSSRA forms and responsibilities.

 Outreach – If you are currently publishing a newsletter or are planning to do so, this is the session for you. WSSRA Journal Editor will coach you on use of fonts, plagiarism/intellectual property, proof-reading, brevity and more. Members of the Outreach Committee will share ways your Unit can make WSSRA known in your community.

Coordinating Council Chairs – All seven Chairs are asked to attend. Responsibilities and duties will be discussed.

 Legislative Committee – All Unit Legislative Chairs are encouraged to attend. There will be a recap of the session and plans for the next year. Also, ways to keep your Unit members informed and involved will be shared.

Health Services – Designed for the Unit Health Services Chair. Current issues of interest to seniors and retirees will be discussed plus ways to keep your Unit members informed and involved. Please send only one person from each Unit as the meeting room cannot accommodate more.

Treasurers – Designed for the person who keeps the books in your Unit. WSSRA Treasurer will guide you through completing vouchers, keeping records, using WSSRA forms, and more. This is especially critical for new treasurers and continuing treasurers who haven’t yet attended a training session.

Retirement Planning – Designed for the Unit Retirement Planning Chair with information on current retirement legislation, retirement issues and retirement plans. Ways to promote and plan for Unit seminars and to relay information to not-yet retired members will be discussed.

Presidents and Vice-presidents – Designed for both new and continuing Unit Presidents. Unit Presidents’ responsibilities will be discussed plus skills for running board meetings, building consensus, planning interesting events/programs for your Unit, Roberts Rules of Order, and communicating with WSSRA will be discussed.

Secretaries – coaching secretaries taking minutes, Roberts Rules of Orders, and more. Minutes are an historical record of your Unit so it’s recommended that all Unit secretaries attend. Unit Historians can also benefit from this information.









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