Washington State School Retirees’ Association

2018 Patrick T. Hoban Meritorious and Stan McNaughton Outreach Awards




If you have any questions or concerns, contact Tara Teitzel at or Linda Sabin, WSSRA Awards Committee Chair, at

  • The submission deadline of the completed nomination form[s] is no later than March 17th.
  • The unit is permitted to submit only one nominee for each of the awards. The nominee cannot be a deceased member.
  • If they choose, the unit may nominate one member for either or both of the awards or to opt out of participation in the current years’ awards process. This will in no way impact their eligibility to participate in this awards process in subsequent years.
  • The unit board is responsible for the completion of the awards process which involves choosing nominees and making sure that the forms that were sent to all unit presidents/co-presidents are completed.
  • Each unit shall provide a narrative-style document, prepared by the writer, in support of their nominee[s] along with the front page of each nomination form. The narrative may be written on the reverse side of the nomination form or as a stand-alone document (preferred) attached to the nomination form[s].
  • Carefully read and understand the criteria for each award and respond to every question on the nomination form[s] when making the unit supportive narrative. Keep in mind Awards Committee members may not know your nominee[s]. The writer, therefore, needs to paint a clear picture of the quality of your selected nominee[s]. Be sure the nominee[s] narrative is both concise and informational for the reviewer. This will allow the reviewer an easier time to rank the nominee[s] as well as being fair to all the nominees.
  • During the month of January, unit Boards should begin with familiarizing themselves with the nomination process and ask for names of qualified members that would be worthy nominees.
  • A photo of your nominee(s) should be submitted with their nomination form. Photos may be submitted electronically in .jpg format to Tara Teitzel at   Photos submitted nonelectronically must be on standard photo paper.  Photos may be in color (preferred) or black and white and will be returned on request.  
  • Return the completed nomination form[s], narrative(s), and photo(s) of your nominee(s) via:

 Standard USPS Mail: WSSRA, 4726 Pacific Avenue, Lacey, WA 98503-1216

 Electronically: you may fill out and submit your nomination forms online under forms and files

Email:  Tara Teitzel at

 FAX:  WSSRA at (360) 413-5497 (photos that are faxed cannot be accepted – mail or send them electronically).


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